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Statement on the future of Greater North Kent

The Leaders of the local authorities in North Kent have decided to dissolve Greater North Kent as a formal partnership, with effect from 31st May 2024.

Announcing this change, the North Kent Leaders said:

“It’s a sign of healthy self-examination that partnerships review their direction of travel periodically.  Our work under the banner of Greater North Kent has helped our understanding of the issues underpinning the challenges and opportunities we collectively face, and we are grateful to our team of officers for the work they have put into this.

“Greater North Kent has also brought us closer together as a group of Leaders who, whatever our political persuasions, want to achieve the best we can for the people of North Kent.

“We have therefore chosen to adopt a more informal approach to meeting as a group of North Kent Leaders, and that is how we will continue for the foreseeable future.  Our authorities will continue to work together at officer level on specific topics and projects, including as Greater North Kent over the next few months, and of course we have various shared service arrangements in place with partners both within North Kent and elsewhere in Kent and Medway.

“The next 12 to 18 months ahead could bring many changes both nationally and locally, and we will want to keep the conversations going about how, as individual councils, and collectively across Kent & Medway, we respond to change and seek to shape our own destiny.  We will always keep the door open to more formal working arrangements if those fit with shared ambitions.”