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Greater North Kent is positive about sustainable growth. But this must be infrastructure-led with both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ infrastructure, new jobs and access to services and amenities to address historic deficits and enable appropriate levels and types of new development.

Ebbsfleet International Station

Areas of GNK activity include:

  • Lobbying / advocacy: identifying needs but also opportunities, particularly cross-boundary in scale, and supporting bids for external funding.

  • Scoping major projects in North Kent: this is to help partnership-wide understanding of priority schemes, their outputs and delivery risks and potential issues for partnership engagement and support. We are also looking at the read-across to other priorities, in particular skills including requirements and opportunities unlocked by new investments.

  • Engagement with major infrastructure investments in North Kent: these include the Lower Thames Crossing, Ebbsfleet Garden City, Abbey Wood to Ebbsfleet (through the C2E Partnership), strategic and major highways improvements, and speculative proposals such as London Resort.

  • Engagement with Homes England and the Thames Estuary Growth Board on their joint Economic, Housing and Infrastructure Study (due for publication later in 2023).

  • Digital infrastructure – Mobile / 5G, 1Gb Broadband/Fibre. Looking at ways to help secure investment and tackling digital exclusion.