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Culture and creativity

North Kent has a diverse and rich cultural offering which deserves to be better known. Greater North Kent aims to enhance the opportunities for creative enterprises to locate and thrive in North Kent, and build a positive North Kent ‘brand’ to transform perceptions and reputation through cultural enrichment and place-making.

Docking Station, Kent University

‘Culture’ is multi-dimensional and means different things to different people.  Another way of looking at it is how people live their lives and what enriches their experience.  This includes residents, people who work here, and visitors.  Culture is a vital ingredient in place-making; it plays a central role in the revival and reinvention of high streets and town centres; it is a driver for regeneration, economic growth and investment; and it builds community and individuals’ health and well-being.

Areas we are focusing on include:

  • Helping to realise the ambitions of the Thames Estuary Production Corridor, supporting further growth in North Kent’s already vibrant creative industries.

  • Strengthening communication and coordination of local events and cultural programmes to raise awareness of the breadth and richness of the offer for residents and visitors alike.

  • Building a strong relationship between GNK partners and the evolving Destination Management Organisation arrangements in Kent following the de Bois review.

  • ‘Mapping’ the wealth of creative and cultural assets in North Kent to support better promotion of the cultural offer and opportunities for more creative production.

  • Capitalising on the foundations laid through preparation of the Medway 2025 City of Culture bid, looking at the potential for a future proposition bringing engagement and benefits across North Kent.

  • Looking at the linkages with other work streams, particularly skills and health.