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About us

Greater North Kent is overseen by a Board comprising the Leaders of the partner authorities, and supported by an Officers’ Group including the Chief Executives and GNK’s Partnership Director.

Map of Greater North Kent showing the local authority boundaries of Dartford, Gravesham, Medway, Maidstone and Swale

Map data from OpenStreetMap

The Board

Cllr John Burden

Cllr John Burden

Leader of Gravesham Borough  Council

Cllr David Burton

Cllr David Burton

Leader of Maidstone Borough Council

Cllt Tim Gibson

Cllr Tim Gibson

Leader of Swale Borough Council

Cllr Roger Gough

Cllr Roger Gough

Leader of Kent County Council

Cllr Jeremy Kite MBE

Cllr Jeremy Kite MBE

Leader of Dartford Borough Council

Cllr Vince Maple

Cllr Vince Maple

Leader of Medway Council


Officers / Team

Stuart Bobby (Chair)

Chief Executive, Gravesham Borough Council

Alison Broom

Chief Executive, Maidstone Borough Council

Caroline Hicks

Director of Growth and Community, Dartford Borough Council

Richard Hicks

Chief Executive, Medway Council

Stephanie Holt-Castle

Director of Growth and Communities, Kent County Council

Larissa Reid

Chief Executive, Swale Borough Council


Richard Longman

Partnership Director, Greater North Kent
Email: richard.longman@dartford.gov.uk

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